Welcome to our

“Basic italian lessons” Blog

Welcome to our blog!

This “Basic italian lessons” Blog is dedicated to people who are starting to study Italian language and are at a very “basic” level.

Through the menu on the right you can find our posts related to the “vocabulary”,  “lessons” and “free material to download”.

The aim of these posts is to help the students to better understand how to use some expressions/vocabs in italian and through the help of videos that I created on purpose, I try to simulate what we usually do during our lessons: we stimulate the student to talk as much as possible in a very simple way.

Our method is based on conversation with mothertongue teachers and of course in the class the student can better interact with the teacher.

Anyway with the videos published here the student has the time to repeat what we say, in order to take confidence with some “sounds”, structures and words. (so please always repeat after me: the repetition is really important)

Feel free to leave a comment below our posts: any question or doubt will be more than welcome. We will reply you back.

Thank you and ….enjoy it!


Italian teacher and Director of Studies at inlingua Como

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