Italian Courses

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Learn italian while having fun!

Learn Italian at inlingua Como while enjoying your holidays!

Our institute offers both individual and group Italian courses designed for all proficiency levels.

If you already have some knowledge of Italian, you can take our online placement test. Click on Italy and select Como as the inlingua center to submit your results.

We’re happy to assist with additional information regarding accommodation options or organizing tours around the lake to ensure your experience at inlingua Como is truly memorable!

To access our brochure containing information and prices in English, click this link “Brochure 2024”.

Individual Courses – FFP (Flexible Frequency Program)

For the most efficient language learning, our individual, one-to-one training provides exclusive attention from your instructor, allowing you to progress at your own pace. The course content is adaptable, tailored to your specific needs, focusing on relevant language skills and vocabulary essential for your professional growth. If a rapid, full-time training isn’t feasible for you, our FFP course offers flexibility and starts any day.

Group Courses – CLUB courses

At inlingua Como, we prioritize quality learning achieved through active student participation. Our small group classes, with a maximum of 8 students, encourage engagement and interaction. Group sessions are enjoyable and foster an environment for sharing and absorbing the collective learning experiences of your peers.


The “inlingua” method

The exclusive inlingua method focuses on the essence of conversation, guided by native speaking teachers. During lessons, teachers take a fully immersive approach, allowing students to explore the target language without obstacles. Through the use of role-play and realistic contexts, student participation is actively encouraged, facilitating the learning of grammatical structures and vocabulary applicable to everyday life.

Progress is assessed through dedicated tests, allowing students to evaluate their progress in numerical terms and on the European level scale. This pedagogical approach aims to replicate children’s natural learning mechanisms, ensuring a fluid and natural mastery of the language.

This method offers an effective language learning experience, combining simplicity, speed and naturalness to allow students to acquire the foreign language with ease and confidence. It is a training path that opens doors to new opportunities, both personal and professional, through the mastery of a foreign language in a fluid and confident way.

CELI exams

CELI exams recognize your knowledge of “General” Italian language and are issued by the University of Perugia