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IN-PERSON INTENSIVE GROUP COURSE (Como town) – Basic Italian “VICENZA”- 4 weeks 15th JAN-9th FEB 2024 – 25% OFF



IN-PERSON GROUP COURSE (Como town) – Basic Italian “VICENZA”- 4 weeks 15th JAN-9th FEB 2024 – 25% OFF

Course name: VICENZA

Number of lessons: 15 hours per week, for 4 weeks, for a total of 60 hours of lesson

Course location: inlingua Como school – Via Bernardino Luini 3, Como (Italy)

Number of students: 3-5 students

Frequency: everyday, from Monday to Friday

Day/Time: everyday, 3 hours per day,  from 10.00 am to 13.00 pm

Starting date: 15th of January 2024

Ending date: 9th of February 2024

Course duration:  4weeks

Initial level:  totally basic

Objective level: A2 (level scale)

Method: based on conversation with native speaking teachers


Why enroll in this course?

  1. Immersive Learning: Dive into the Italian language within the captivating setting of Como, surrounded by its rich history and culture. Our methodology places emphasis on practical conversational skills, ensuring you’ll confidently communicate in real-life situations.
  2. Expert Guidance: Benefit from our experienced, native-speaking teachers who tailor each lesson to cater to your learning pace and style. They’ll guide you through interactive sessions designed for rapid progress.
  3. Intimate Class Setting: With a limited class size of 3-5 students, you’ll receive personalized attention, fostering a dynamic and supportive environment for effective learning. It’s an opportunity to build lasting connections with fellow language enthusiasts.
  4. Convenient Schedule: Our course structure allows for seamless integration into your daily routine. Join us every weekday for three immersive hours, starting from 10.00 am, leaving your afternoons free to explore Como and practice your newfound language skills.
  5. Certifiable Progress: By the end of this 4-week course, you’ll have progressed from a basic level to an A2 proficiency, equipped with the ability to hold conversations, understand essentials, and navigate day-to-day scenarios in Italian.
  6. Exclusive Offer: Enroll now and seize a remarkable 25% discount, making this enriching language journey not just rewarding but also incredibly cost-effective.

Who Should Join?

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or seeking to brush up on your Italian skills, this course caters to individuals eager to explore a new language and culture. It’s an ideal course for:

  • Travel Enthusiasts: Planning a trip to Italy? Learn the language and make your experience even more memorable.
  • Culture Lovers: Dive deeper into the Italian way of life by understanding its language and traditions.
  • Professionals: Enhance your career prospects by adding Italian language proficiency to your skillset.

Join us in Como, a picturesque town nestled against the stunning backdrop of Lake Como, and embark on a linguistic journey that transcends textbooks and worksheets. Experience the vibrancy of Italy while mastering its beautiful language.

Secure your spot in our group course today, and let’s unlock the doors to a world filled with Italian warmth, hospitality, and language excellence!


The “inlingua” method

The exclusive inlingua method focuses on the essence of conversation, guided by native speaking teachers. During lessons, teachers take a fully immersive approach, allowing students to explore the target language without obstacles. Through the use of role-play and realistic contexts, student participation is actively encouraged, facilitating the learning of grammatical structures and vocabulary applicable to everyday life.

Progress is assessed through dedicated tests, allowing students to evaluate their progress in numerical terms and on the European level scale. This pedagogical approach aims to replicate children’s natural learning mechanisms, ensuring a fluid and natural mastery of the language.

This method offers an effective language learning experience, combining simplicity, speed and naturalness to allow students to acquire the foreign language with ease and confidence. It is a training path that opens doors to new opportunities, both personal and professional, through the mastery of a foreign language in a fluid and confident way.

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