“Basic Italian” – Unità 1


This FREE E-book with VIDEOS is designed for those who want to learn Italian and start from scratch.
If you want to learn to say the very first things in Italian, this E-book is perfect for you!


This E-book “Basic Italian Unità 1” is divided in 3 parts. For each part we made a specific video accessible through QR CODE or a link.

Each video has subtitles in 5 languages (italian, english, spanish, german and russian) to help you follow the lessons better.

These videos have been prepared thinking about the difficulties that foreigners have in learning Italian: during the videos our teachers speak very slowly to give you the opportunity to repeat after them.

You will learn to say basic things, like:
  • introduce yourself and say where you are from
  • ask for basic personal information to people you meet
  • ask for the name of the things (what is this?/that?)
  • ask where is a place
  • verb “to be”
  • nouns and adjectives in Italian: singular and plural, masculine and feminine


1. Fill in the form and get right now your FREE E-Book with videos
2. Point the “QR Code” or click on the specific link present at the beginning of each section and watch the video of the teacher who explains you step by step and very slowly all the slides of your E-Book. You can follow her by looking at the pages of your E-Book
3. Remember to always repeat after the teacher! This helps you learn even faster!

Look at this extract from a video included in the FREE E-Book

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