“Italian Course from Basic to A1”

Why buy this course?

  • You can attend the course according to your time availability: it’s accessible 24/24 and 7/7

  • You learn to speak immediately! Learn faster than usual

  • Video lessons made from expert teachers to help you to understand and easily repeat and practice

  • Specific didactical programme: from “Basic” to A1 level – according to the European scale

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“Italian course from basic to A1” + LIVE lessons and final CERTIFICATE INCLUDED

Here on the right you can look at an “extract” of the “Unit 1 Video lesson”. To see the full Unit (it’s free) click here
The whole course is structured to allow you to follow the teacher slowly, step by step.
The teachers speak clearly and slowly, for you!
Then you can do the related exercises and study the grammar.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why sign up if there are thousands of free videos online?

It’s true, online there is an endless amount of free videos that can help you to learn Italian.
But the problem is that by watching online videos it is very difficult to be able to follow a specific educational path. Our course starts from the “basic” and reaches exactly the A1 level according to the European scale.
By attending our whole course you are sure to follow a well-defined path, with a specific  didactic final level.

Furthermore every 5 units there is a “Progress test” so that you can check your improvement.

2. What’s included in the course?

  • 15 Units: 3 video lessons per Unit (45 videos in total)
  • 3 exercises per Unit (45 exercises in total) (For each exercise press “START”) with immediate corrections. You can do and do again these exercises any time you want.
  • “Riassunto and PDF file” – for each Unit you can download the video slides to study them properly
  • “Test progressivo” – each 5 Units to check your improvements
  • “Competenze acquisite” – each 5 Units to summarise what you’ve learnt
  • 3 LIVE lesson of 60 minutes each – each 5 unit with your mother tongue teacher
  • FINAL EXAM – LIVE lesson of 60 minutes
  • Final inlingua certificate

3. What should I expect from this course?

We are passionate teachers, as well as a prestigious school based in Como since 2006.
In this course we put all our experience and passion: we know perfectly the difficulties of foreign students in learning Italian and we prepared this course thinking of you, to help you learn Italian in a simple and valid way.

4. How much do I have to pay?

The cost of the Full course is in PROMO: you pay only € 97,00 and you’ll have access to your course for ever, with no limits. But this PROMO will not last forever! So….don’t miss it!

Enroll now and get 50% discount: € 97,00 one time subscription!


[cl-review quote=”I was there for a basic course for Italian language and I was very satisfied with inlingua school Como. I enjoyed the very friendly atmosphere and staff, above all our teacher Gaia. The lessons combined the basics, grammar and vocabulary for every day situations in a useful mixture. Although I have to learn a lot of grammar and vocabulary, now I am able to speak a little bit and to understand some phrases – if not spoken too fast…

Now I am highly motivated to improve the Italian language.

Thank you and keep up the good work!
” author=”Ina Muller” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”clean”][cl-review quote=”Thank you, it was a great lesson in Italian. Giara helped me enormously, I learned a lot. She is a great teacher. Unfortunately, one week was very short, but I really want to repeat that. Learning Italian in such a beautiful city as Como is something special – I learned a lot better because I was able to communicate better in the restaurant or when shopping.” author=”Bernhard” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”clean”]

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